Sans Souci | JAPANESE

A hybrid cafe of Kyoto tradition and Okinawa goodies.  Enjoy Udon and rice bowl with high quality Japanese traditional broth.  Japanese sweets are great too.


Feature.  Udon, Japanese sweets

Location.  Parkside #1822, 150-3 Ogido, Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa 901-2315

Phone.  098-935-1012

Open.  11:00 – 21:00

Close.  Closes unregularly

Budget.  JPY1000

Posts about this restaurant

Shaved Ice in a Hot Day

It was late afternoon in a hot day.  We came to Sans Souci in Kita Nakagusuku. We bumped into the owner, Ganta-san.   It was 14:30.  They stop serving lunch meals at 15:00.  Starts dinner at 17:30.  They serve only sweets in the afternoon between. They were going to close for the day at 15:00 this day.   This place is always crowded with long line at lunch time.  But now only a couple of people waiting.  Slipping ourselves in for our lunch.         Here’s the co-owner and main chef, Makoto-san.   At lunch time, you can add JPY300 for drink and a side dish to your […]

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Cold Udon Lunch

Sans Souci is a very popular cafe in Kita Nakagusuku, specialized in Udon and other Kyoto – Okinawa hybrid food.       We were seated in the kid’s room.  There’s open floor in the middle where little kids can play while parents can sit and eat at the tables around it.  A very family-friendly space here.   We were hungry for lunch.  The menu has very nice pictures, nicely laid out.   They have lunch set which comes with the little daily plate of the day and desert.  Today’s plate is Kujo Negi (Kyoto green onion) and deep-fried tofu from Kyoto in a vinegar miso.   And that’s what YuYu had with their […]

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Precious Udon even when you are sick

We came out to central area to meet some people on business today.  Yuyu is not feeling well.  But we needed to eat something because she hardly ate today.   Sun set in Kitanakagusuku. Where should we go?  There isn’t many choices when you are sick.  But there’s one near by.   Home sweet home. Cafe Sans Souci.   Open for dinner.   Great.  It’s not crowded today. This is one of the guest rooms with a space for kids. This room is always crowded so I have never had a chance to take a picture.   Sans Souci is a diner’s cafe…  You bet!  That’s what we are here for. […]

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Spicy Curry Udon

Sans Souci is definitely one of the most successful cafe in Okinawa. It’s 11:30 am, Wednesday. Already crowded and 5 parties were waiting when we got there.   It’s a restaurant in an American style house. Hybrid food and sweets of Kyoto traditions and Okinawa goodies.   Wanna have spicy rich Udon? Light traditional Udon? Wanna have some Donburi (rice bowl) too… Can’t decide.   She decided to go light. Japanese traditional broth Udon with Kujo Negi (Kyoto green onions), plum, and local chicken.  JPY850 Very refreshing. This is the way to taste the high quality Japanese broth here.   I had spicy curry Udon with egg.  JPY900 This is something […]

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