The best authentic Tsuke-Men in Okinawa

San Chiku Ju is a Tsuke-Men specialty restaurant.  The owner chef has worked in one of the most famous and popular Tsuke-Men in the country, Roku Rin Sha.  It’s the authentic Tsuke-Men as Master Yamagishi created it.   Located near Omoro Machi. They have opened the second restaurant in Ginowan.  I’ve been to that one several times […]

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Our most favorite Ramen

Ramen Hachi Ren opened in 2008, just about the time we moved to Okinawa.  And we fell in love with their Ramen.  For the first 2 years we came almost every week.  We’ve seen their history.  It’s not an objective judgement, but it’s our pure love to say “They are the best Ramen on the island!!!”   Now they […]

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Napoli pizza meets Okinawa goodies

We had a new restaurant opened this spring in the beautiful Maeda cape.  Pezzeria da Enzo is a fancy restaurant which serves Napoli pizza and other Italian cuisine. We happened to have some friends working there and it was great to visit for our first time.   Very spacious and stylish room with full bar.   A nice […]

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Okinawan Fish ‘n’ Chips

Maru Tama opened in 2014 in the port area of Naha. It’s run by a lovely family.  Very nice people. Okinawa has its own style of deep-fried finger food.  It’s called Tenpura here, but Okinawa Tenpura is pretty different from Japanese traditional tenpura.  It’s really like a fritter.  And it has established its popularity for local […]

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Shio ramen at Awase 3rd St. Ramen

Awase 3rd St. Ramen is a very simple, yet, very unique Ramen restaurant.  Located in the coast line of Awase, Okinawa-shi.   They are playing Jazz. Try shio (salt) Ramen here.  JPY650.  The clear soup is from pork bones, chicken bones, and vegetables.  It’s light, but the body is solid and filled with flavors and […]

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