Chilling out with soft serve

In the corner of farmer’s market in Ginoza is Cream Cream. A little soft serve ice cream shop using local fresh milk with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.   It’s always amazing to see the variety of people who’s fond of this little shop.  From little kids to the aged.  From local to visitors, international tourists.   Hand-painting menu pumps them up for sure.   There’s my favorite.  Yogurt Sandae.  JPY400.   From the bottom, corn flakes, yogurt, and soft serve on top.  I like this refreshing combination.   She’s got the plain soft serve on the cone.  I think it was JPY200. We love the soft serve here.  Using fresh local […]

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Chinese dim sum buffet

It’s not known much, but Kanucha Resort has chinese dim sum buffet only on weekends. And it’s surprisingly JPY2000 (JPY2160 with tax).   In about 30-minute drive off the exit of Ginoza on R331, you see Kanucha Resort opening the gate on your right.   The chinese restaurant is in the club house of the golf course.   Beautiful course.   The restaurant is looking down Oura Bay and the beautiful Pacific.   Buffet table has lots of stuff.   Fried foods. Good to see chinese radish cake which is my favorite.  Chinese radish cake is a simple food and it is the kind of food Japanese people love, but somehow it’s […]

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Our favorite Thai

Aridoi is our favorite Thai food in Okinawa.  Located near Route 329 in Okinawa-shi.   The owner is a certified chef by Thai government.   The simple soup is served to everyone.  Simple and gentle taste with mushrooms and Japanese radish.   Khao Phad Gai, chicken fried rice.  Fluffy Thai rice seasoned with Nam Pla, Thai fish sauce.   Red curry stir-fry with chicken.  You can choose how hot you want it to be in 5 grades.  5 is the hottest, the Thai hot. I can see that they use Thai spices and herbs, such as Thai basil, coriander, kaffir lime leaf, tamarind and lemon grass.  I’d say it’s pretty much authentic […]

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