October 2015

Our Usual

If you want to try Japanese home cooking, Umiyuri is one of the places you should come. Hearty homey everyday meals.   Umiyuri is located in the deep Kadena. It’s supposed to be Asian fusion cuisine, but I think it’s really the kind of food that Japanese people have at home.  The mother cooking. Japanese home cooking […]

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A hidden bakery

Your iphone may be able to lead your way here.  But from here you have to find it with your own eyes. Do you see a bakery?   There’s a sign!  But can’t really read it. You can smell it in the air, though.   There’s a door! It says “open” and “welcome”, but nothing […]

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The sausage and shrimps

We went out with Yuyu’s parents who were visiting the island. Her father’s call, “Let’s go to see Kato.”  He loves the sausages here.  Her mother wanted some seafood.   2 cheeses of our choice.   Our usual.  Chicken liver mousse and pork pate. Liver is fresh, no bloody smell, seasoned with nice flavorful liquor.  Pork pate has been […]

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Bakery that opens once a week

Believe it or not, there’s a bakery which opens only on Saturdays in Ginoza. Open once a week! Yea, that’s it.   Gallivant Bakery.  Right on R329 in Ginoza.   Opens at 11:00 now.  (It used to open 9:00 before) There’s always a waiting line at the open time.  Some fans travel on the expressway to […]

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